By connecting to the real world of students’ lives, authentic learning enables students to become lifelong learners who contribute to society and the wider world as active and discerning citizens. Authentic learning is central to our work as Catholic educators because it promotes the continual growth and wellbeing of the whole person — spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

Our learning approach at St Pius’ Catholic Primary School Enmore is as follows:

We SEARCH for the truth by fostering a love of learning by valuing;

  • academic achievement so that all students reach their full potential
  • a dynamic and challenging curriculum that develops creative, critical thinkers
  • perseverance, resilience and risk-taking
  • a personal commitment to learning
  • communication, collaboration and reflection

We SERVE our diverse St Pius’ community by valuing;

  • parents as the first educators of their children
  • engagement with the local community encouraging respect and appreciation
  • links to the parish community especially the sacramental programs
  • service to the poor and disadvantaged
  • environmental stewardship

We SOAR as a nurturing Catholic community of strong and living faith by valuing;

  • the message of Jesus as central to our lives
  • involvement in the life of the parish and Sacrament
  • the charism of the Mercy Sisters
  • our Catholic beliefs, values, practices and traditions
  • partnership with parents, parish, local and wider community groups.